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Qualifying candidates of RMO

List of qualifying candidates of RMO in Orissa region for appearing the INMO examination to be held on 2nd February 2014

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Ganita Bichitra

There are three types of Olympiad Examinations conducted by the Orissa Mathematical society


There are three types of Olympiad Examinations conducted by the Orissa Mathematical society

  • Junior
  • Regional
  • Rural

Junior/ Regional/ Senior Mathematical Olympiad:


The Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) is an annual contest organized by the National Board for Higher Mathematic (NBHM), a unit of the Department of  Atomic Energy, Govt. of India, in order to spot and nurture mathematical talent among students. The Orissa Mathematical Society (OMS) conducts a Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) every to select and train 30 students who can take part in the INMO. In order to encourage the students to imbibe mathematical interested an early age and to continue it till the graduation level, we also conduct two more examinations along with RMO, i.e, JMO and SMO.


Gold and Silver medals will be awarded to RMO candidates who secure the top positions at the Regional level. Prizes and certificates will be given to the best thirty candidates at the Zonal level. There will be special prizes for girl candidates and candidates from rural areas. Merit Certificates will be awarded to all the candidates who come upto the level expected by the evaluation board. BHRATRU SMRUTI TRUST will award cash prizes of 2,000/- and RS. 1,000/- respectively to the students securing first and second positions in RMO. Prizes and merit certificates will also be given to some top successful candidates appearing in the JMO and SMO tests.


Students of 1st year and 2nd year of +2/ Class XI and Class XII with Mathematics and bright students of Class IX and X are eligible to appear in RMO test.

Students of B A/ B Sc/ B E/ B. Tech/ BCA courses are eligible to appear in the SMO test. Students of VI, VII and VIII classes are eligible to appear in JMO test.


JMO    :    Sound knowledge of Mathematics of middle schools.

RMO    :    Sound knowledge of Mathematics up to class X.

SMO    :    Sound knowledge of Graduate Level Mathematics on topics such as Sets, Relations, Functions, Inequalities, Complex Numbers, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Linear Algebra, Differentiation & Integration, Maxima-Minima, Taylor's Series & Power Series, Ordinary Differentiatial Equations, Vector Calculus, Multiple Integral.

    The questions will not be of routine type. The test questions would be of a nature requiring insight, critical approach, logical thinking, the power of application of knowledge in solving problems.


Rural Mathematics Talent Search

To spot and nurture talent in rural students.

Class V student onwards.

        Mathematics aptitude test (Junior Rural Mathematical Olympiad) amongst Class VI rural students region wise. There are broadly three regions, Western Orissa, Southern Orissa and Coastal Orissa.

  • The thirty top successful students from each region (from JRMO test) be selected.
  • We propose to organize one week training camp in headquarter of each of these regions, along with some selected school teachers from the region twice a year. For each batch such camps shall be held for 3 years consecutively.
  • The training should be such that they can acquire skill to feel confident to sit in all Orissa RMO test with the urban candidates.
  • Region specific Mathematics literature shall be developed in vernacular language and shall be supplied to the trainees and teachers.
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